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Recommended snacks between meals
Recommended snacks between meals
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Success in dieting is directly related to your ability to maintain a negative energy balance for an extended period (eg. months). One of the biggest challenges that will hinder your success is hunger. Whenever you reduce your energy intake, appetite naturally increases as the body is telling you to eat a little more to meet its requirements. Your ability to ignore those signals and push on is going to be critical in your success in dieting. Sometimes those signals, or hunger pangs will be more difficult to ignore. In this short article I will discuss simple snacks that you can add to the meal plan during those challenging times.

The first thing that I would like to point out is that any food or calorie-containing fluid consumed in addition to the meals listed in your plan will increase your energy intake and reduce the energy deficit, perhaps slowing the rate of weight loss. However, if this additional snack ultimately allows you to adhere to the meal plan for longer (eg. more days, weeks, months) then it’s a valid inclusion. So always weigh up whether or not the additional snack (calories) is absolutely necessary and also ensure that the nutritional value of that snack is suitable.

Ideally the snack should be rich in protein and fiber, both of which will help fill you up and satisfy your hunger pang. But more importantly this additional snack should be low in calories. Below you will find a short list of recommended snacks:

High Protein

High Fiber

  • RH Women’s Whey Protein shake with water or almond milk

  • Fat free Greek yogurt

  • Glass of milk

  • Handful of beef jerky

  • Low fat string cheese

  • Protein bar

  • RH Women’s Hormonal Balance

  • Fiber One snack bar

  • Whole fruit (apple, orange, pear etc.)

  • Berries (raspberries, strawberries)

  • Vegetable sticks (carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes etc)

  • Handful of nuts

Preference should always be placed on the protein options listed in the above table as protein has the ability to increase metabolism and benefit other physiological functions. In times of need, simply select an item from the above list and stay on course.

Another quick trick could be to consume a glass of sparkling water, this different mouth feel can often stop hunger pangs and hunger can often be mistaken for thirst.

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